The Oil Manufacture in Cassano delle Murge is a cooperative society established in 1959/05/15 by its founder Luca Gentile (president until 1993) together with other 12 farmers. Today the cooperative has 220 members, 95% of whom residing in Cassano delle Murge.

In the early years after its founding, the cooperative carried on its activity in a private oil mill in Cassano delle Murge, while the current production structure has been built only in the early Sixties.
The establishment lies on a 3.000 square meters area, 1.300 of which are covered. From 1999 to 2002, the structure has been modernized and enlarged; moreover, has been built a meeting room that can accommodate up to 150 people.
It can work an average of 25.000 pecks of olives, producing 4.500 pecks of extra virgin olive oil, 35% of which is “bio organic” extra virgin olive oil, certified by ICEA.

The Oil Manufacture is located in Cassano delle Murge, known as the city of olive oil because of its talent for oil making, a place surrounded by thousands hectares of olive groves. It is in the heart of Alta Murgia National Park, full of coniferous spruces, olive groves and oak groves. Here, the air smells like rosemary and wild herbs. The ancient olive groves’ charm goes along with drywalls, traditional boundaries between fields, suggestive farms and isolated trulli, used as emergency shelters throughout history.
The extra virgin olive oil smells like Murgia, life and history, it brings on your table our tradition and our identity.

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